A South Downs House For Sale That Comes With Two Runways And Its Own Aerodrome

James Fisher September 3, 2023

Forget a house with detached garage and parking — this timber-built home in East Sussex has its own airfield.

These days, most houses come with places to park your car or even your helicopter. What Kittyhawk House on the South Downs offers is something a little bigger: a two-runway aerodrome.

The three-bedroom contemporary home sits on the edge of the airfield, with the entire estate extending to some 67 acres in total. It’s on the market at £5 million via Savills.

As well as the house, the property offers the aerodrome, which boasts two runways, as well as a hangar and concrete apron. Kittyhawk Aerodrome was originally conceived — in 1990 — as a private airstrip limited to 28 days of flying each year, but it has grown organically and is now a commercially-operated airfield welcoming all sorts of things.

Permission was granted in March 2020 for use as a ‘lawful unlicensed airfield’, which can be developed commercially, and welcomes general aviation aircraft, helicopters, giros and flex-wings, as well as accepting international flights. Don’t expect long-haul flights, though: these are grass runways for small aircraft, so it’s more likely to be a Cessna across the Channel to Le Touquet than a LearJet across the Atlantic to New York.

As for the house itself? It’s a fine place, only completed in 2020 and with a modern, natural look. The design aim was clearly to make the most of the stunning views across the South Downs, prompting an outbreak of near-poetry from agent Chris Spofforth: ‘The view from the large floor to ceiling windows of the drawing room resemble a painting by Constable,’ reads the listing.

Not that the views are the only thing to recommend the place: the home office, with its wraparound bookcases and natural light, is an absolute delight.

There is also a home cinema, and an open-plan kitchen/living space.

Recommended videos for you ‘Kittyhawk House and Aerodrome are in a peaceful and sought after location with a long private drive and some of the finest downland views in East Sussex,’ adds Chris Spofforth. ‘The truly individual house is bright, spacious and open-plan, uniquely paired with an established airfield.’

Kittyhawk House is for sale at £5m — see more details and pictures.

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