Grayhawk Scottsdale – 4 Reasons You Should Live Here

Scottsdale can be found in a variety of excellent communities and neighborhoods that provide residents with everything they require in their own backyard. Even if you’re not familiar to those communities just a little study, you’re sure to discover that Grayhawk is among the most desirable neighborhoods in Scottsdale. If you’re looking for your next home and you know that you’re looking for something that is a bit away from the bustle of Scottsdale There are several reasons to look at Grayhawk Condos for sale.

1) Location

The neighborhood is located at North Scottsdale, just off of Scottsdale Road and 101, this convenient neighborhood offers lots of peace, and is just minutes away to the city of Phoenix as well as Scottsdale. Grayhawk provides its residents with affordable quality (compared with other neighborhood options) and offers the top amenities.

2.) Residences

Within the boundaries of Grayhawk there are two distinct collections of communities- The Park and The Retreat Village. With more than 3,800 housing units, Grayhawk is home to an extensive population, yet was constructed in a manner to provide a feeling of security.

The ParkThis family-friendly neighborhood collection includes greenbelts, pocket parks playgrounds, community ramadas and playgrounds.
The Retreat Villagecomprises two communities that are guarded (the Raptor Retreat and the Talon Retreat) It is Retreat Village is targeted more toward the elderly, non-childless residents. The Retreat Village is home to numerous tennis courts as well as swimming pools.
There are eight townhome and condominium communities within Grayhawk (six located in The Park, two in The Retreat).

3.) Grayhawk Amenities

Being part of an active community like Grayhawk provides residents with a broad range of high-quality amenities.

Here are a few of the services:

Facility rentals (Talon, Raptor and various other rooms)Residents are permitted to lease and reserve rooms for different functions. These rooms offer a wonderful opportunity for those looking to hold small gatherings or family gatherings.
Basketball Courts
Swimming Pools and Tennis CourtsMany of these are located throughout The Retreat Village, which are available to the residents of the particular neighborhood. Each neighborhood is home to their own tennis court or pool, Grayhawk does not offer the same clubhouse.
Tot LotsSix in all They Tot Lots provide residents with the chance to be with their children. Each one is age-specific, and some are open to certain residents in the neighborhood. Starting from toddlers and up to adults of all ages These playgrounds provide a wonderful opportunity to connect with other parents and children, as well as take advantage of the gorgeous weather in Scottsdale.
For those who are concerned about their health outdoor enthusiasts, as well as pet owner, Grayhawk proudly overs more than 30 miles of trails that meander across the property.
Two world-famous public golf courses: Talon and Raptor

4.) Nearby Features

Although Grayhawk offers its residents many things to do and amenities, there are times when it is a desire to have more. Fortunately, as we mentioned previously, Grayhawk is conveniently located in the heart of Scottsdale.

Here are just some of the most well-known places within a short distance within a short distance Greyhawk gates:

McDowell Mountains and Sonoran Preserve
WestWorld of Scottsdale
Scottsdale Quarter
Instrument Museum of Music Instrument Museum
Lake Pleasant/Bartlett Lake Pleasant/Bartlett Lake
Wet’N’Wild Phoenix
TPC Scottsdale
Taliesin West
More More

It’s not difficult to understand the way Grayhawk is located in Scottsdale is among the top communities within the metropolitan area. From its prime area to the world-class amenities in the vicinity, Grayhawk offers its residents the best of everything.

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