When is the Best Time to Lay Turf?

To reap the maximum benefits from your lawn We recommend that you lay it out from mid-autumn to early-autumn.

Although turf lawns can be more costly than natural seed lawn, the immediate transformation could be worth the cost. For the gardener who is impatient There’s no question that it’s grass over seed every time.

The process of reviving your garden can be an exciting idea So let’s not spend the time digging on the ground! Take a pair garden gloves wipe off your best fork, and jump right into the ideal time to lay turf.

If you’re hoping to polish your garden with new grass, knowing when to do it is crucial. Doing it too early or late could set yourself up for a mighty fall, and mistiming your lawn’s lay-day can make the lawn you laid quickly.

Although the exact timing may differ from one expert to an expert, the most appropriate time to plant turf is usually deemed to be between mid-autumn and early-fall. The BBC recommends early, while the RHS states mid–we’ll let you decide which is the best authority on that…

The season of autumn In the UK is generally thought to fall between the end of September and the end of December which means that based on the timetable provided by RHS/BBC any time during this month will be perfect. In this time, the grass can be planted into the soil much more easily creating a strong base for your lawn to grow.

How do you lay turf?

For the most effective tips on laying turf an important lesson can be learned from the nu-metal idols Limp Bizkit. Although their gardening skills could be a bit suspicious at best however, it’s not difficult to say that their track Rollin’ is loaded with lawn care suggestions.

Simple and effective The chorus “Keep rolling, rolling”‘, rollin’ and rollin'” is the ideal anthem of turf layerers all over the world. It’s possible that it’s possible that the Limp Bizkit lads could have been successful in turf laying , even if this entire music phenomenon didn’t pan out. If gigs do end and they don’t, who’s to say that they won’t?

But, there’s many more aspects to the process of laying turf other than just rolling”rollin’,” and rolling. It’s best to prepare your soil prior to by skimming away the old grass and getting rid of any weeds, stones and lumps.

Fill all holes and then use a fork to ensure a smooth surface. Take extra time to rake to ensure the perfect final. To enhance your new lawn’s potential, apply fertiliser to the surface and add water to add some heft.

Tips for laying the turf

Once the soil is ready to be primed and ready for the new layer of colour now is the time to work on your hands and apply the layers. For a uniform covering It is best to lay the first piece of turf on an edge straight.

When you roll, make sure not to be too quick when you start rolling. The slow and consistent approach is the key of the game. Slowly stripping your turf will aid in avoiding damage to it.

After your first strip is laid, lay down your second strip tightly and then up-close to the first. Repeat this process until the entire area is fully covered.

When you are rolling your turf, it’s important to let the turf flow across the edges of your lawn and then trim it to size, instead of cutting it to fit in the space. By putting soil under the cut edges will keep the turf in drying.

It is possible to ensure that your turf has formed an appropriate connection to the ground below by pressing the turf down. The ideal way to do this is accomplished using the garden roller, however it is also quickly accomplished using the tamper, or the opposite side of an Rake.

Maintaining your turf

After your turf is laid, it’s the ideal time to sit back, relax , and bask pleasure in the feeling of a job done well. If you are able to keep doing this for a few weeks, that’s ideal, since freshly laid turf may require weeks to fully establish. Be sure to avoid walking on your newly laid lawn whenever you can.

If you’re planning to trim your lawn in the winter months (once the grass is at 5cm) make sure you maintain your mower’s blades to high. The moment you start balding your lawn could be the equivalent of giving yourself a shave after undergoing an operation to transplant your hair and defeating the purpose of the whole procedure.

Professional turf-laying

Although the tips above can help anyone who is determined to lay your own lawn, it’s important to remember that laying turf isn’t as easy as it appears. Laying your own turf may be a good idea in the short run, however it can cost you a lot of time over the long haul and determining the ideal time to lay your turf could be an even more difficult task.

If you’re determined for your yard to receive the love it deserves, then why not use turf laying services to lay your turf? We offer a top-quality turf laying service that can make the most of your yard and make sure that you have the best finish.

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