A Guide to Finding the Right Lowara Pumps Distributor in the UK

Lowara pumps are one of the most popular pumps on the market. Lowara water pumps are suitable for domestic, industrial and agricultural applications, from sourcing water from wells and drainage in floods to sewerage pumping and emptying ponds.

In this blog, you will read an excellent guide that explains how these water pumps work, and you will also learn what you need to consider when finding the right lowara pumps distributor.

The Solutions from Lowara Pumps UK Distributor:

Lowara Pumps UK Distributor designed the Lowara pump to submerge fully in liquid when pumped. Thanks to their hermetically (waterproof) sealed motor and close-coupled pump body, Lowara pumps are highly reliable and robust solutions.

Essential Factors to Consider When Finding the Right Lowara Pumps Distributor:

There are a few essential factors to consider when finding the right lowara pumps distributor to ensure you choose the right pumping solution. So here are all the details of what you need to look at before purchasing:

Flow Rate:

Pump capacity defines how many liters per minute the Lowara pump can transfer in multiple optimal situations without resistance and the need to pump the water upwards.

Delivery Head:

The delivery head presents how many meters the electric Lowara pump can pump water through a discharge hose/tube. We suggest applying a vast margin when finding the right lowara pumps distributor and choosing your Lowara pump.

Type of Liquid and Thickness:

This one is an essential factor that you need to consider, as not all Lowara water pumps can handle solids and thick liquids. The range of suitable pumps will differ depending on your application and the fluid you want to transfer.

For example, models with channel impellers, such as the Ecocirc Xlplus 50 150 F, are generally more efficient. Still, they are more flat to blockage, constructing an excellent solution for pumping cleaner fluids.

Pumping distance:

Considering how far you want to pump fluid is another vital factor affecting Lowara pump efficiency. You will need a more powerful pump if your application needs long-distance pumping.

The Qualities and Advantages of Lowara Water Pumps:

As differed, Lowara water pumps are trustworthy pumping solutions for various applications. On the other hand, impeller pumps like Ecocirc Xlplus 32 100 F pumps are ideal for all applications due to the minimal risk of clogging and solid handling capabilities.

Due to their unique, completely waterproof design, they offer several advantages compared to some other water pumps. So here are some of the leading design qualities and benefits that lowara pumps have:

Very Efficient: 

As the pump is already in the fluid, it never has to be primed, and it is also very efficient as it uses less energy to move the liquid into the pump.

Quiet Operation:

Lowara pumps are silent because the surrounding water muffles any sounds or vibrations.

No Cavitation:

The technology of these pumps doesn’t suffer from air leaks because there is no “spike” in pressure as the water flows via the pump.

No Overheating:

The Lowara pump is kept cool by the fluid immersed in it, meaning you can continuously run it without damage if the pump does not dry run.

Easy to Install:

Due to their compact and lightweight design and structure, we can use these pumps in fixed and portable installations.

Consider these qualities mentioned above when finding the Right Lowara Pumps Distributorto purchase a lowara pump for your needs.

Typical Application of Lowara Pumps:

You can use Lowara water pumps for various purposes because they come in multiple types, including underwater borehole pumps, sewage pumps, and deep pond pumps. They work well even in challenging conditions and are ideal for pumping fluids and liquids from difficult-to-reach locations like wells and sewage.

Electric Lowara pumps made of solid iron casting are corrosion-resistant. You can use these pumps for:

  • Irrigation
  • Wastewater
  • Sewage treatment
  • Sump pumping
  • Pumping sludge and slurry
  • Pumping from wells and boreholes


If you still need help figuring out what you require, then the National Pumps and Boilers are here to help you as a leading Lowara pump supplier, our technical, creative engineers have speculated Lowara water pumps for many years for domestic and industrial use. Contact us to get advice on the pump that best suits your installation.