Skip Hire in Blackpool – a Guide for Beginners

If you’ve previously hired a skip you might be wondering what exactly skip hire is and what you’ll need to have for your waste management venture.

Although KwikSkips is known for making hiring a skip easy however, there’s a little more to renting a skip than you think.

To ensure you’re prepared and to ensure that your skip hire runs in the most efficient way This is everything you have to be aware of about skip hire, including how much it will cost, the reasons you may require a consultation with the council first, and what should and shouldn’t do with it.

What is the process for Blackpool skip hire?

Make your booking and let us know the size of skip you’re looking for, when and where you’d like it to be delivered, and the type of items that you’ll have to eliminate. Customers have informed us that they would rather book online through our simple platform because it helps save time, and they can make the booking on weekend or at night with more spare time.

When the delivery day arrives on the day of delivery, we’ll give you a phone call to let you know that we’re headed to the location before dropping it off at the most convenient place to allow you to load it up. If you’ve hired us to deliver a 4-8 yard dumpster, then you might require the door to open in a particular direction. In this case, all you need to do is let us know and we’ll arrange it.

After you’ve filled the skip, we’ll come back when we’ve set a time to take it away. If you find out later that you’ll require the skip for longer than originally planned, call us and we’ll help you arrange.

What is the cost to rent an empty skip?

KwikSkips has unbeatable prices for skip hire. Because of our commitment to efficiently controlling the garbage we generate and sorting recyclables on our locations We’re able pass on our tax rates on landfills onto our customers.

We can also provide suggestions on the right size of skip to meet your needs with regard to waste management so that you don’t have to pay more than you have to for the hire of your skip.

The cost of the skip hire includes delivery of up to seven day skip rental, pick-up and proper recycling, sorting as well as disposal of the trash.

Are you paying for the skip hire at the day of delivery, or at collection?

KwikSkips is a company that aims to simplify hiring skips by accepting payments through our new booking platform online and we are able to equally easily accept credit cards by phone.

We know that construction and renovation projects that require skips can be challenging to handle as they are and we do not want to create any additional problems that could arise from paying for the project on site.

Do I require an authorization to use the skip?

If you intend to put the skip onto private property There’s no requirement for you to get permits. However, if you’re planning to place the skip onto public property (on the street in front of your home, for instance) then you’ll need submit the required documents and wait for your permission application to get accepted.

KwikSkips has dealt with this issue numerous times. Therefore, for a minimal cost (the fee for the permit will vary based on the council you have for the application) We can send applications to your council in the name of the applicant in order that when we drop off your skip, you’ll have all the required paperwork that goes with it. If an inspector from the local government were to stop by and inspect your skip, you’ll be able to rest assured that the hire of your skip is absolutely legal.

It may take several days before the permit can get approved. So make certain to reserve your skip hire on time.

What size skip will I need?

We offer so many different dimensions of our skips, it could be easy to become overwhelmed by the options.

KwikSkips is aiming to simplify the process for you by providing a skip size guide. It includes helpful graphics to help to visualize the size of the skip and how many black bags you’ll take home within it.

As a rule of thumb the eight-yard builders skip is the standard size you’ll find outside an apartment on the street . It’s the most requested size of skip. Anything beyond this size, you’ll be restricted in terms of how much you’ll be capable of filling it.

A skip for builders is the most commonly used size for skips and will hold 8 cubic metres of debris (6.1 cubic meters). This is plenty for a small office or home remodeling project.

When it comes to general household garbage an eight-yard skip would hold 60 black bags , or 10 normal trailers.

How heavy should I load an empty skip?

For any skip that is up to 8 yards, you are able to fill it with whatever type or debris and waste you like (except for hazardous wastes, please see below).

If you’re able to dispose of lighter or heavier trash (like garments, for instance) You might be in a position to rent a huge skip (10- 12-14, 13-14-, 20- and 40 yards) that you can fill up all to capacity without creating a problem for collecting.

How high should I make the skip?

Our skips are equipped with an easy fill line, so you’ll know up to when it’s safe to fill the skip with rubbish.

Infractions to these guidelines could lead to our team being not able to pick up your skip and dispose of your garbage until the waste that has accumulated has been cleared away.

Can I mix different kinds of materials in the skip?

We don’t want the customers of us to search through their trash We’re here to help!

We’ll bring your waste to our location to sort through it so that you’re sure that the greatest amount of waste is recycled and used to benefit others.

Can the company that rents out skips assist me in filling it up?

KwikSkips will do all we can to ensure that your skip hire goes as easy as it can be starting with a friendly phone call to inform you that we’re working towards placing the skip exactly where you require it.

However, we do not provide labor to help in loading the skip. If you believe you’ll need assistance in to load your container, we would recommend hiring a worker for the duration of.

How do I put my garbage to the skip?

Based on the type of skip that you select, you’ll have to think about the method you’ll use to load your skip. The smallest of our skips is 2 yards long, so it’s fairly easy to dump your garbage into it.

Skips of four to eight yards come with a door that can be opened that makes it simple for users to load the skip using the wheelbarrow.

Do I have to put a skip on the road outside my home?

You cannot hinder the public paths.

If you’re unable to set up your skip in private property then you’ll need to get an authorization to legally place the skip on the street where cars is normally parked.

Where do I dispose of my garbage after the skip has been emptied?

Once we’ve collected your skip, we’ll bring it to our closest waste management facility to sort the waste. We’ll collect all recyclable materials and arrange it out to take it to the appropriate factories, and we may even be able put some waste out for treatment and then turn into fuels for alternative use.

Any waste that we can’t find an environmentally-friendly use for will then be taken to the local landfill site.

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