The Overlooked Attributes of Every Successful Coworking Space

Coworking is the newest, most popular option for workplaces. Millions of startups, entrepreneurs as well as employees, independent contractors and freelancers across the world are currently working in coworking spaces.

Coworking Resources predict the number of coworking spaces around the world will increase to close to 26,000 in 2022. In 2015, there were only 7,805 coworking spaces.

The workplace is evolving towards a more flexible structure that has around 35,000 workspaces that are flexible around the globe today. According to the leased line company HighSpeed Office, 50 percent of employees will work from home at least a portion of the time by 2020.

Many remote workers prefer to work from home, however more and more people who work remotely are choosing to set up a hot-desk in coworking areas since they’re becoming more widely accessible and affordable. Coworking spaces are attractive since they’re not a distraction as compared to working from your home (family interruptions) or in a cafe (giggling chatterers).

In a recent article released from Visual Capitalist, interaction with coworkers has been identified as an extremely important aspects of the coworking movement. It is because coworking has created an economic model that brings people closer.

The growth of coworking is undeniable. What should you be looking for in coworking spaces? Access to reliable internet printing capabilities and a coffee supply and a group of people you can be part of are all essential.

There are a myriad of innovative coworking spaces available While ambience is crucial be careful not to get caught up by the hype and sign up for an ongoing commitment prior to checking out the less attractive as well as practical elements of a productive coworking office.

Here are a few most overlooked features of the best coworking spaces in BKC.

Privacy, amenities and security

It’s easy to get enthralled by the unique offerings that are offered in some coworking spaces. A stunning view, lunchtime yoga classes, cafe, nap zone and ping pong tables and social gatherings are all very attractive and can make the coworking experience to sound like a perfect dream.

But, you’ll have to look past the frills for you to be certain that a coworking space an ideal location to meet people, establish connections, and increase productivity.

Table tennis and napping are often touted as excellent productivity tools But these perks are not always limited. They can be distracting that prevents you from working through your day.

You might be amazed by the view, but can it also be a distraction? Simple things such as blinds or curtains to block light reflections are essential.

Things like types of desks and chairs as well as air conditioning, room temperature breaks-out and kitchen zones are also important for you. If you’re suffering from back problems like a hip, fashionable chairs, sofas, or tables that are low won’t work with the ergonomic desk and chair. Blinds that block out the view of glass in meeting rooms can also be a option you might consider essential.

Privacy is a factor for coworkers that’s often neglected. The most productive coworking spaces don’t congregate people like a business center. Collaboration and interactive workspaces are great, but open floor plans and shared workspaces tend to underestimate the importance of space needed to avoid the risk of compromising confidentiality. Secure storage facilities are an advantage.

The tech features on your must-have list should include reliable wireless connectivity and security via wireless printing options, security and printing, VPN compatibility, audio and video conferencing options as well as display or monitor options, and on-site tech assistance.

The most productive coworking spaces are aware the importance of small details.

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