The Ten Best Properties For Sale In Country Life In 2023

Toby Keel December 26, 2023

From spectacular stately homes to a delightful thatched cottage, these homes that came up for sale this year were the most popular property stories of the last 12 months.

One of the greatest houses in England is on the market for the first time in its history

‘Every so often a house comes up for sale which isn’t so much a place to live, as part of the history of Britain,’ we wrote in June as Wolterton Hall came to the market for the first time in centuries.

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‘One of the biggest country house sales of the century so far’ is under way

The Grade I-listed, historic Linton Park, with its Grade II*-listed gardens, woods and parkland overlooking the Weald in Kent, got us very excited when it came up for sale at £32m n April.

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An incredible Dorset manor house that’s up for sale for the first time in 287 years

Back in July an opportunity arose that wasn’t so much once-in-a-lifetime as once-in-four-lifetimes: The Manor House in the wonderfully-named Dorset village of Sandford Orcas came up for sale.

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A magnificent country house in Yorkshire, complete with ‘flying staircase’ that’s a breathtaking masterpiece

A vast amount of care and love has been poured in to Arthington Hall in recent years, and in October the process began to find a new owner who will have a chance to enjoy this extraordinary house.

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9,500 acres, 23 properties and 12 farms in the £35 million estate on the market for the first time in 650 years

Almost 10,000 acres of Northumberland came to the market as the vast Rothbury Estate went up for sale. Penny Churchill took a look.

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A truly incredible medieval house in West Sussex where even the front door is 1,000 years old

1,000 years of history were on offer in March with the sale of the magnificent, Grade II*-listed Homestall Manor, in 28 acres of gardens and grounds at Ashurst Wood.

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An almost absurdly picturesque thatched cottage in rural Dorset — and it’s priced under £400,000

Proving that beautiful houses needn’t cost vast fortunes was Mundy’s Cottage, in the sought-after village of Stour Provost.

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‘One of the most beautiful houses in the Cotswolds’ has hit the market with a £14 million price tag

A bold claim from the agent, but a property which really lived up to its billing in Stanton Court.

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The country house where Stephen Fry went to school has become a spectacular £6m house in the Cotswolds

Stouts Hill has been everything from a prep school to a timeshare, but it got back to its very best as a country house — and it went up for sale in March.

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A glorious period-drama-style house at the price of a suburban detached home

The almost outrageously handsome Cressy Hall in Lincolnshire came up for sale at an eyecatching price in April.

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Hartree House, Scotland. Credit: Savills Exquisite homes in Devon, Yorkshire and Oxfordshire are among the wonders in our round-up of the best homes for sale

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