Top Reasons for Having a Home Mini Trampoline

A miniature trampoline (rebounding) provides a range of health benefits to the body. Rebounding is an sport that virtually everybody can take part in and can be a good method to boost the fitness and overall health of a person.

NASA has known for a while time about the advantages and science behind rebounding. This is what the scientists had say:

“Rebound Exercise is the most efficient, efficient form of exercise that has been invented by mankind.” A. Carter wrote a summary of the findings of a NASA research study from 1979. This was a study that NASA published in the year 1980 with The Journal of Applied Physiology.

NASA declares that “…for identical levels in heart rate as well as oxygen intake the amount of biomechanical stimuli is higher when you jump on a trampoline than running. This finding could help determine the acceleration parameters necessary to design corrective procedures to prevent deconditioning in people who are subject to inertia. “

This means that every cell in your body is subject to the force of a G-Force that is between two and three times more powerful than the normal. It’s as if your weight doubled or tripled in a fraction of a second after you reach the lowest part of the mat. This increased exposure to G-Force is what helps strengthen the body. And since it only lasts only a fraction of a second it doesn’t strain the body. .During the motion towards the top that you bounce at, your body will are brought to a state of numbness and your body is able to rest completely.

In addition to the research behind the rebounder mini trampolines offer many health benefits for old and young

1. Cardiovascular Benefit

Rebounding involves the use of many muscles, much like running, but offers the additional benefit of causing lower stress to the muscles of the skeletal system than running on hard surfaces. A prolonged usage of mini trampolines can increase lung capacity and red blood cell counts , and reduces blood pressure.

2. Benefits to the Lymphatic System.

Mini trampolines have proved benefits for your lymphatic system of the body, which is often overlooked by other types of exercise. The lymphatic system fights off bacterial as well as viral infections, and carries waste products from the body. Lymph fluid is heavily dependent on muscle contractions to move through the body. the exercises that are rebounding are among the most effective methods for this. The rapid and slow deceleration actions of rebounding train all of the muscles of the body and the thousands of lymphatic one-way canals, valves, and valves. A few minutes of rebounding each day may boost the lymphatic system.

3. Weight Loss

Rebounding has been proven to be a great method to burn calories and fat and to tone muscles across the body. In a complete body workout each part of the body gets an exercise during rebounding, which promotes burn of calories as well as fat deposits. Rebounding can also increase your the metabolism, which leads to calorie utilization for longer durations after rebounding has ended. Another benefit is that it doesn’t require you to dedicate time during your busy schedule to go to the gym or make time to exercising. Rebounding can be done at home, in which even a small amount of time can be useful, and could be done while watching the TV, or even while watching your children.

4. Back Pain

Rebounding helps strengthen the back without putting too much strain on it you’d experience when running on hard surfaces.

5. Balance

This exercise helps improve coordination and balance because it’s surface moves across all directions, which will provide the best exercise to the body’s balance mechanisms.

6. Reduced Risk of Injury

Studies have revealed that 27% to 70 percent of joggers are injured within the first few years of running. The forces of impact that cause injury can be decreased by 80percent.

7. Natural Face Lift

Each of your cells is balloons. The exercise places them constantly under strain as they have to fight the increase in forces (when the balloon is at its maximum length). As time passes the cell’s membrane becomes more dense, which makes it firmer and more elastic. The skin is a network of cells. Therefore, the regular usage of mini trampolines can improve your skin’s firmness and its elasticity.

8. Build Bone Mass

This NASA study also revealed it was also the ideal exercise for rebuilding the damaged cartilage of astronauts who’s constant weightlessness caused them to lose as much as 15% of bone mass just two weeks in space. The same technique is suitable for anyone (especially ladies) to avoid osteoporosis and even repair the damages.

9. Stress Reliever

The positive effects of exercise on tension levels are being researched extensively. Researchers Dr. Morton Walker, in his book “Jumping for Health”, pages 82-91, discusses 30 benefits specific to stress reduction the process of rebounding (Avery Publishing Group, Inc., Garden City Park, New York)

10. Incontinence

Rebounding can build up your pelvic floor. If the issue is mild, rebounding could be utilized to build up the region. It is crucial that you “activate your Pelvic Floor” when rebounding.

11. It’s enjoyable!

Rebounding can be a lot of enjoyable and also a excellent exercise. You can do it by yourself or with your loved ones. Many older people find themselves laughing when they recall an earlier time of fun in their younger years when they would play on a trampoline during the gym or play on one in the neighbour’s yard.