What are the main benefits of an orangery?

Orangeries are a very popular home improvement idea because they’re a very inexpensive way to expand any home.

Most often, they are located at the rear of a house The orangery can be a garden feature that isn’t used, and can have multiple possibilities of use.

A lot of homeowners utilize it as an extra living as a dining room as well as a playroom or office however, they also make excellent home cinemas or bedrooms.

How do you define an orangery?

An orangery is a type of traditional extension. It usually includes floor-to-ceiling windows and the lantern-style roof. A lot more expansive than conservatories, they’re designed to blend into the current house. The main benefit to an Orangery less sunlight and the additional warmth that it offers which makes it suitable to use throughout the year.

What are the major advantages of an orangery?

The most appealing aspect of the orangery is it’s more flexible than extensions and conservatories.

The other major advantages of an orangery…

Create more space

If you can open the space of your living room downstairs by adding an orangery, it can change the look of your house immediately and will give you a lot more room to use. It will also have a positive knock-on effect to the other rooms, as it will make them feel bigger than they actually are.

Light up your home with light and airiness

One of the biggest advantages that an orangery has is the fact that it incorporates all the advantages of an extension including privacy and insulation, yet with the fresh and airy feeling of the conservatory. An ideal way to brighten your day.

Combine the outside and inside of your home

The orangery provides a smooth transition from your living area inside as well as your backyard, which brings the outside inside your house. If you’re looking for a contemporary or traditional style of orangery It will always be completed by a nearby patio area or elegant outdoor furniture.

Enhance the value of a house

The idea of putting a price tag on the dream orangery is nearly impossible since they are so different in terms of size.

However, expert in property Phil Spencer believes they can increase the value of your home by as much as seven and 11 percent to the value of an average UK property. While they can increase the price of your property as well, they can make your home more appealing to prospective buyers.

An affordable alternative to moving house

As per the Centre for Economics & Business Research (CEBR) that the cost of moving house in the UK is now at PS12,000 which includes removal fees and surveyors, stamp duty, estate agents and solicitors charges.

This is a reason the installation of a high-quality orangery can offer a cheaper solution to the problem of shortage of space (with significantly less stress! ).

Blend into the existing brickwork

With a brick wall base An orangery is more unified than a conservatory, and this will make your home appear less disjointed. However, due to its large windows and glass lantern roof, it also provides fantastic sunlight and uninterrupted view of outside.

Many roofing options

The primary design idea for an Orangery having centrally located roof lanterns with a huge flat, plastered roof that provides stability and a great method of integrating it into existing structures.

A focal point or conversation starter

Inundating your home with light has never been simpler due to the huge and stunning glass roofs, which are associated with orangeries.

They not only provide the user with a continually changing canopy, but it also serves as an important focal point, and is an instant conversation piece for guests.

Save cash on heating costs

Since an orangery is constructed out of bricks, which are made to absorb and hold in heat. When coupled with energy-efficient double or triple glazing , this is a great way to lower your heating costs.

Because you can immediately gain access to and open its numerous windows as well as the exterior door it can be cooled within minutes in warmer weather.

A chic and versatile entertainment space that is versatile and stylish.

Alongside adding stunning dimensions to your living area, an orangery can be very versatile. It is brimming with light and stunning outdoor views, they create stunning dining spaces and are an fantastic places to host guests and family.

Reduces the intensity of sunlight and glare.

Are you a home owner concerned about the effects of too much sunlight affect the temperature inside an orangery, then you’ll be pleased to learn that the latest glazing techniques used to reduce the glare that natural light can cause. This means that it won’t become excessively hot in prolonged time periods of sunshine, making it ideal for those with south-facing homes.

Low maintenance

Made of durable and soft materials like aluminum, uPVC, and timber Modern orangery designs do not require much care. With self-cleaning glass, they’re virtually maintenance-free.

Made from the materials that you choose

With a greater emphasis on the brickwork that is used in the structure it is an elegant extension of your house. Based on the design of your home You can decide whether you want to make use of aluminum, timber, or uPVC to complete the overall appearance.

All throughout the year.

The orangeries are truly a space to be enjoyed in any season. When it’s summertime, they permit you to open the doors and take in the sun. However, they can be cozy in winter also by protecting you from the rain and wind.