What can a locksmith actually do?

Many people think of locksmiths when they are trapped in their home or need to cut a key however locksmiths are skilled in a variety of security for your home or business measures.

Locksmiths in London can perform more tasks than you think , from cutting keys to window grilles , to security systems.

Keys to cut Keys

A popular tasks locksmiths perform is cutting extra keys to your business or home. Based on the type of key it is often performed in the stores while you sit and wait.

House Keys

Keys that are made for homes are:

Yale Keys
Mortice Keys
3 Star Cylinder Keys

Master Key systems

Master keys are popular with the business and residential owners as well as landlords that need to open multiple doors but without having to carry having multiple keys. We design and create master keys on-site in our facility, which guarantees quick turnaround for any additional keys , without the typical long-running timeframes. Most are completed within the span of a single day.

Car Key Cutting and Programming

Simple car keys for spare will let you manually unlock your car and begin the engine. Fully programmed car keys allow you to access the car from a distance and also use other features your car permits.

Car keys that don’t require programming can usually be cut in less than a week by a locksmith in your area, however more complicated requirements could require more time.

Repair damaged locks and doors

Our 24 hour emergency locksmiths are frequently called in to repair damaged locks, or doors with perfect locks , but have the latches are not aligned correctly or have distorted frames. Our locksmiths will help you gain access to your home and feel secure in your home, even if your issue isn’t related to a lock!

Take out stuck or snapped Keys

Another problem that our emergency locksmiths are asked to repair is keys that have become stuck in the lock or have broken in the lock. Based what the nature of the problem the issue can usually be resolved swiftly and without causing any damage to the lock.

Install window and door locks

Each entry point into your home must have an option to secure it from intrusions i.e. locks should be placed on all doors that are external (plus internal doors of the case of a business establishment) as well as windows. Our locksmiths will provide you with the most suitable lock for your home needs, budget and requirements as well as provide an expert installation.

Set up Access Control Systems

The fact that the keys that are used to control access don’t have conventional metal keys doesn’t mean locksmiths aren’t able to use keys. Locksmiths such as us can help you to setup the system, install and program key fobs, cards, or codes to gain access to your workplace.

Utilizing the Access Control System instead of traditional methods for obtaining keys can reduce your company’s expenses. Utilizing technical access keys drastically reduces the possibility of losing keys or duplicate keys – reducing future locksmith expenses.

Take the Home Security Measures

Alongside window and door locks, locksmiths are able to assist with other aspects of your home’s security like CCTV, padlocks as well as safes.

Security Safes and Locks

Most people are unaware that locksmiths are also experts on safes and locks for safes. They are available in a variety of sizes, costs and kinds, so be sure to consult with a professional prior to buying one for your home or for your business.

Install Window Grilles and Shutters

Window shutters and grilles are popular ways of protecting businesses such as cafes and retail stores from intruders at night. Locksmiths can aid your company determine the requirements for shutters or grills to measure them, then supply them, then finally put them safely in your business premises.

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