What is the Role of a Party Wall Surveyor?

If you’ve ever searched on Google for surveyors for party walls you may have some knowledge of the job and its significance. If this is not the case, then this blog will describe the role in depth. It will also shed some light on the times when it is necessary. Let’s dive into it!

What is an Party Wall?

A party wall is the wall that separates you from your neighbors. They are usually found in a lot of semi-detached or terraced homes. Party walls can be a reference to garden walls when they are constructed over an area of boundary.

What is an Party Wall Notice – Party Wall Surveyor

Now that we’ve discussed what a wall for a party is, let’s talk about notices on the wall. It is mandatory to provide a notice for your party wall to your neighbor if you intend to do any project that will affect the party wall, or if you are planning to excavate to the wall of your party between 3 and 6 metres. This will be contingent on the thickness of the foundations.

You’ll need to serve a notice of a party wall on your neighbours in the event that you intend to work on projects such as loft conversions, extensions and loft conversions and digging foundations for an extension , and intriguing damp proofing courses. It is also required to give an invitation to a party wall when taking down internal barriers if they have to be supported by the wall.

What Do I do to Determine If I’m in need of a Surveyor for Party Walls?

The decision of whether you’ll require the services will be contingent on the extent of your work with regard to the wall as well as the cooperation of your neighbors. It is possible that you do not always require one.

To in answering this question You will have think about the steps to take to obtain the consent of the wall.

The initial step to getting permission is sending notice to your neighbor. This usually takes by way of formal letter that can be written with a standard form document at no cost. In addition, you should include a reply letter as well as an envelope from your neighbor for the latter to return and sign. It is advised to first meet with your neighbor prior to sending the letter to ensure that it doesn’t be too much of an unexpected event. It will be comforting for the person who lives next door knowing that your work will not be a problem for them.

Receiving a Response from the Neighbor

After serving the notice, your neighbor has 14 days to answer. There are many possibilities that could arise from this letter.

First of all, if your neighbor has written permission, the work can begin. In this scenario, and for smaller home projects, it’s usually not necessary to hire an expert surveyor. As the owner, you’ll be required to ensure any damage that occurs during the project is addressed. It might be worth taking photos and keeping a report of the situation before any work begins and then negotiating the work with your neighbor. This will help in the future if you need to settle any issues, such as any cracks that develop in the construction. You may also opt hiring a surveyor to complete an inspection prior to the time the work begins to reduce the chance of dispute.

If the neighbor does not grant permission and fails to respond in 14 days you’ll require a wall-to-wall award and an inspector.

The Choices You Have to Make

In the majority of cases, your neighbour and you will choose an individual wall surveyor between you and your neighbour. Your party wall surveyors London will operate with impartiality, acting in the best interests of the wall and only.

In some instances, neighbours might insist on having their own surveyor. In that case you’ll need the services of your personal. This is an costly option because you’ll be responsible for the surveyor’s fees as well. In the majority of cases an award for a wall at a party and a single surveyor will cost about £1000.

Wall Notice for Party Wall Notice Information

When you serve the notice to party wall it is necessary to explain clearly the tasks necessary for the wall you are requesting. A surveyor for party walls or an architect is in a position to assist in this. If you’re planning to do an excavation, all information about the structure must be supplied. The forms that are standard can differ for excavations as well as party wall work. This is why you must ensure carefully to ensure that the form you’re using is the correct one. It could be that you need both types.

Party Wall Awards

If both parties are in agreement to the appointment of an individual surveyor, they typically draft the agreement (or the award) to resolve any disagreements. Both parties may additionally designate their own individual surveyors who will draw up the award in conjunction. It is important to remember this award is legally binding. They’ll include details on the work to be done in addition to the manner as and at what time the project will be done. They will also mention any additional work needed and details of access to allow the surveyor to check the work.

The awards may also include documents of neighbouring properties’ condition prior the beginning of the project. If the neighbor does not support the decision, it’s possible to appeal the decision to the county court, provided that you file a complaint within 14 days of the date of issue.

When do Party Wall Notices Need to Be served?

If you’re carrying out work that affect a boundary line or wall, you’ll be required to provide two months notice. For excavations, one month notice will suffice. It is also crucial to keep in mind that all work must commence within one year.

Another question that you could be to answer is whether you should send notice to leaseholders or freeholders. The answer is both. The neighbours and the freeholder who lease for more than one year will require it.

When neighbours do not cooperate

If there are disputes and the neighbor refuses or fails to nominate the surveyor, the owner can nominate a second surveyor on behalf of the neighbor. It is possible to make sure that the procedure for constructing a party wall can proceed.

Gaining access to a Neighbors property

According to the Act the adjoining owner is required to permit entry to all workers and the building owner’s surveyor in order to perform the works specified by the Party Wall Act, including access to surveyors that are required for the dispute resolution procedure.

Owners who are adjacent to each other must be provided with fourteen days’ advance notice of intention to exercise the access rights, except in emergency situations. It is a criminal offence for an occupier or any other person to deny the entry of anyone who is entitled access the premises pursuant to the Act and can be charged in the magistrates’ court as a consequence.

Who is appointable as an Party Wall Surveyor

According to the Party Wall Act 1996, the term “surveyor” refers to any person who is not an active participant in the construction. That means the owner of the property is not able to act on behalf of themselves, however anyone else is allowed to perform the job. The surveyor must be skilled in the field of construction and should be knowledgeable of the procedures outlined in the law.

Architects have experience in solving issues with wall parts and might even be able to serve for your wall surveyor.

The Institute of Party Wall surveyors (IPWS) is an environment and structure on the basis of which professionals who are operating in or who are looking to establish their own area of expertise can develop into an organization of professionals.