What makes your office design unique?

If you’ve been in one office, you’ve been in them all, right? That doesn’t have to be the case. Businesses are becoming more daring with their office designs, bringing in more colour and trying new things.

What makes an office unique to you, might not be inline with originality for another, but keeping these 4 points in your mind could show how you’re already doing a great job.

Look at Your Space

Pinterest and other idea sites can give you the inspiration you need and steer you in the right direction. This doesn’t mean that these designs would work in the available space or for your business.

Making the right choices will come from having a clear floor plan, looking at the open space and effectively planning. Working with your office layout and not basing it on others will ensure the space is used to its full potential.

Know your Brand

What is your brand about? And when visitors come into the office what do you want them to see?

Include your brand, logo, colour schemes and company values – after all it’s your biggest USP. The branding belongs to you and shows who you are.

You’ll have competitors in the same field that are like you but you’re the only company with that logo and the meaning behind it.


As part of the office set up, the employees are the biggest importance. If you don’t have a strong team, the business won’t be functioning to the same levels.

Your team and the people around you are second in line to your branding and will help shape what the brand means and grow the business. Working with dedicated people will create a happy and vibrant workspace.

Workspace needs

What your space needs to operate isn’t the same as others. The way in which you set up your space, will be unique to you due to the space, the size and your general needs. You’ll have an individual desk set up, acoustic office screen arrangement and tools which help the team do their job.

Being unique doesn’t have to come at a great cost and can be implemented easily. Most of us are already creating a unique office space by making it right for you and your brand. If the space provides everything it needs for a happy, hardworking team, you’re already on the right track.