What To Look For In A Warrington Garden Shed?

When folks think about sheds, they usually think of garden sheds made from wood. the image is a part of our cultural heritage here in the UK. But sheds can be found in a variety of different materials. We’ll discuss how wooden sheds compare to other kinds in this blog.

What is the material that sheds are made out of?

The three most commonly used shed materials are metal, wood and plastic.

Steel sheds, vs. wooden in comparison to plastic sheds

Metal sheds may rust in time. Plastic sheds require little maintenance, and they’re simple to build, but they’re more difficult (often difficult) to modify and could be affected by the accumulation of condensation. Metal sheds are strong however they are susceptible to corrosion. Like plastic sheds, they also can suffer from condensation build-up. We’ll explore the many advantages of purchasing a wooden shed in the near future. However, first, we need to discuss the wood it self…

What is the reason that not all sheds constructed of wood are the same?

While there are many motives to think about buying a wooden shed instead of plastic or metal but there are some stark distinctions between the top and most shoddy wooden sheds on the market…

The quality of the timber

It is the quality and durability of lumber that you use to build your wooden shed is very important. Why? because it does not matter how great other features it has If the timber isn’t of the highest in quality, then the structure isn’t going to be as good. The best sheds are made of the highest quality European softwood.

The reasons to avoid OSB chipboard sheds

OSB chipboard sheds sag and dip as they age. contrast to sheds constructed with premium timber, cheap wooden sheds are constructed of OSB chipboard. It is also known as flakeboard OSB is a cheap product constructed from a compressed timber strand joined in a crude way – this is why you won’t see it in any of our installations. The cost is a crucial element in the selection of a wooden sheds – which is why many people fall into the trap of purchasing sheds constructed that are made of OSB chipboard. But, it’s better to choose a structure that’s a great blend of quality and price.

Cladding types

The most beautiful wooden garden structures are made of shiplap – an improved form of tongue and groove-clad cladding that is ideal for sheds. The cladding of shiplap makes use of timber boards that are tightly fitted to are able to withstand a beating from rain, wind and other elements in the course of time. It’s a lot better than overlap cladding. The sheds built using this method are less expensive and less able to withstand the elements. Once we’ve explained what the most durable wooden sheds are constructed of, you’ll understand what we’re talking about when we talk about the advantages of wooden sheds in the future. With all this in mind Here are seven reasons to look into buying a wood shed:

1. They look fantastic

As we mentioned earlier in this article the wooden shed is an iconic design – it’s the first thing you (and the majority of people) are thinking of when they hear shed. It’s (at at least partially) because the top garden sheds Warrington are so beautiful. The natural texture (and the source) of wood can help to blend into any garden. Additionally, you can paint or stain the wooden shed to suit your taste and make sure it fits with the design the garden. The wide variety of wooden sheds is certain you’ll find one that fits your preferences and needs. From large ones, deep ones, to half-hexagonal ones – there’s one that’s perfect to suit your needs. Do you need a tiny wooden garden shed? It’s not a problem!

2. They’re adaptable

Modular sheds let you put the windows and doors wherever you want. One of issue with both metal and plastic sheds is that they’re hard to customize in comparison to sheds constructed from wood. As an example, it’s impossible to apply paint or nails to the walls of a shed made of plastic. Metal sheds aren’t able to hold paint very well. However wooden garden sheds permit you to build shelves within and change the design and color. Additionally, the right shed to offer more than garden storage and you can make it your office at home, man cave, or even a shed for her.

3. They are durable for a long time

If your shed is constructed with the correct type of timber and the appropriate type of cladding material, your wooden shed should last for years to remain. For instance the shiplap cladding boards have a snug fit that prevents the rain and wind from coming inside. Furthermore, the curve of every shiplap board helps the run-off of water and also prevents water build-up. We have mentioned earlier in the article, wood sheds can be long-lasting if they are constructed with the correct type of wood. Sheds constructed of OSB chipboard are not going to last very long.

4. It is easy to build

As a follow-up to the 2nd spot in this listing, garden sheds are easy to construct. Some of our clients have been able to build their sheds within a matter of hours. For assembling your shed, you only require is a few simple tools, with a screwdriver and Hammer being the most important two.

5. Its components are simple to replace

The components of wooden sheds are easy to replace, particularly when as compared to sheds made of metal or plastic. For instance, if the floorboard or wall panel is damaged, you can swiftly be able to replace them and that’s due to the fact that most trusted shed makers offer repairs and spare parts.

6. Wood is an excellent natural insulation

Because of the existence of air pockets within its cell structure, wood is a natural material for insulation. According to the Brittanica Encyclopedia says, this is due to the fact that timber conducts heat at less frequency than plastic, metal as well as other types of materials. This natural insulation for sheds makes the shed warmer in the winter months and cooler in the summer. In contrast, sheds made of metal are very scorching when they are exposed to sunlight and it can be extremely uncomfortable to contact!

7. You’ll do your part for the planet.

As opposed to plastic unlike plastic, wood is a sustainable source – it literally is a tree! The fact is that trees are vital to oxygen production. If they’re removed without replacement, it will reduce the supply of oxygen on the planet. This is why responsible sourcing is crucial to the well-being of Planet Earth.

Find sheds constructed from sustainably harvested timber

It ensures that wood is sourced from legally as well as sustainable resources. Furthermore, wood consumes significantly less energy to make than plastic or metal. All of this is to help the environment by buying the wood-based shed instead of plastic or metal.

Which shed should I get?

It’s up to you the shed you choose to purchase! You can choose from tools sheds and storage,, and bike sheds as well with a variety of summerhouses and log cabins. Whatever shed you decide to pick it is recommended that you purchase one that is constructed of wood!