Why Use A Man & Van When Moving Home?

If you’ve heard of the Man with a Van and you’re thinking about how it differs from a removals business?

The majority of Man and Van businesses tend to be ‘one-man bands’, which is essentially one person or one van that provides small removal services locally.

Removals firms are generally bigger operations, ranging from a few trucks and vans all the way to larger national businesses with huge fleets of lorries.

Then why would you want to hire an Man with a Van rather instead of a bigger Removals Company?

There are many reasons to this:

Short notice requirements
Job size

Larger removals firms have more overheads, which means their prices are more expensive in comparison to a lower cost man van service operating from the comfort of your home. The cost of the latter is the cost of the van, fuel and insurance as well as the man’s time.

If you are are on a budget or just don’t want pay a lot to get your things moved, hiring a man van would be the best option for you.

It’s important to note that there’s still an alternative that’s less costly to consider, which is moving yourself, using the help of a van you hire and drive. However, the majority of man van services are so cheap that it’s worth the effort to do it yourself. If you opt for van hire, you must operate the van by yourself, which can be very stressful when you’re not familiar with driving bigger vehicles. And you must do all the physical lifting on your own!

If you employ a removals service or an experienced driver using a van, they’re far more adept at handling large, awkward pieces of furniture or boxes. They can move them with no damage to them or the structure. They are also skilled at how to efficiently pack a van so that you get the maximum value from it and then be able to get it out of the way quickly at the desired location.

Another reason to consider the man van service is the availability.

The larger the company, the more notice you’ll need to send generally. In most cases, if you have an urgent need, you’ll be in a position to locate a man with a van more easily than an removals service.

The third reason why hiring a modest man with a van could be a good idea is the weight of the things you need to relocate. If you don’t require an enormous removal van for moving your furniture to your new residence Why would you need a larger one when a man’s an ordinary van, or Luton box van can do the job?

Typically, a person who owns a van is able to do the following jobs every day:

Small home removals
small office moves
Students move into student housing
small business deliveries

If you’re in search of one of these products, then Man With a Van is the right choice for you.

If you are looking for a service provider make sure you choose one with a registered address, a website and a lot of positive reviews posted in Google or other websites that are independently owned. Also, you should choose one which has been in operation for at least five years. Also, make sure to inquire about proof of insurance.