HMO Specialist – House of Multiple Occupation Management

One of the primary benefits of an HMO home is its possibility for a higher yield. However, as with all investment options, it is crucial to be aware that with a higher yield comes more work.


Making an application for an HMO license is an extremely difficult and stressful procedure, with one application that can take several hours. We’ll ensure that you are in possession of the correct licence that is required for the HMO by completing the required forms and submitting any inspections by councils that might be scheduled.

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Tenant Management

Finding tenants who be able to pay rent and take care of the property is crucial to the success of HMO management. We make sure that the rooms won’t be left empty for extended periods of time and will be rented out to trustworthy tenants by performing thorough reference and credit screening.

The Property is being looked after

We will take care of your property and make sure that it’s fully compliant

Fire door compliance check.
Every week, a fire alarm test.
Renovations, maintenance, repairs and repairs.
Security Certificate renewals.
Notice boards.
Kitchen fire blankets.
Window limitations.
Housing Health and Safety Rating System conformity.
Utility Management.


We have a strong group of reliable local contractors who handle all repairs or maintenance, as well as renovations, and upgrades, to ensure that your home is in good condition. They regularly work with the tenants of HMOs and are therefore aware of the demands of HMO maintenance. We also will be the primary point for all tenants. This means your evenings and weekends aren’t interrupted by calls from tenants for maintenance! We also conduct regular inspections in order to ensure the general health of the building, which means lower costs for maintenance in the long run.

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