Why More & More People Are Moving To Scottsdale, Arizona

Are you ready to leave a sprawling city to a small city or town? It’s not a problem for anyone else. HireAHelper is a platform that connects users with local moving companies. The company has examined more than 25,000 moves that were booked through its platform. They then cross-referenced their findings to U.S. Census data to gain insight into the way, how often and when Americans relocated in 2019.

The analysis that resulted, The 2020 HireAHelper American Report, showed that the city with the highest number of the people were flocking to was Scottsdale, Arizona. This city with a mid-sized footprint has the population of less than quarter million people, making it the 85th-largest city in the country. Scottsdale has seen more than twice the number of people moving in as moving out in 2019, as per HireAHelper’s research.

The moving industry sees Scottsdale as being smaller, less expensive and more suitable for families than important U.S. cities

What makes this unassuming city so well-liked? People are attracted by the affordability, security and family-friendly characteristics of smaller cities when compared with bigger ones, as per the report. In 2019, New York City, San Francisco, Chicago, and Los Angeles all lost more residents than they gained in the year 2019, Scottsdale was followed by Durham, North Carolina (population 27,291) in addition to Sarasota, Florida (population: 57,000) in the list of cities with the highest net growth in terms of population.

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Scottsdale has an average home worth of $521,515, Durham’s median is $251,243 and Sarasota’s is $271,800. These numbers put Durham and Sarasota’s homes within the median national value of $245,193. Although Scottsdale may appear to be a bit expensive with an average home worth that is over the half-million mark, it’s less than Los Angeles ($723,783) and New York City ($652,728).

Scottsdale is also is home to several of the most prestigious schools in the country. Basis Scottsdale was rated as the third best Charter school within America in U.S. News & World Report and is an excellent choice to families who are looking for diverse learning opportunities.

Definitions of home are evolving

While some people may hold an opinion they live in they live in the Big Apple is the proverbial central point of the universe, because of our increasingly globalized and digital lives increasing numbers of people are realizing that they are able to live wherever and still enjoy the life they want to live.

The Dr. Wendy Parson, a sociologist at Varsity Tutors, points to increasing opportunities to work remotely , as well as the desires to live smaller and more sustainable lifestyles as evident by the increasing popularity of tiny houses and the trend of slicing down our belongings. Together, these elements are driving people to travel to areas away from major cities.

“Today’s young adults are looking for experience over stability” the author explains. “The capability to remain connected through the internet is much more convenient to access, which means distance is not as important.”

Although the report revealed it was Gen Z (or people ages 18-24) were the most active in a year, with 58 percent those who moved at least once per year for the last five years, everyone of all ages are exploring the idea of a more sporadic life.

“The idea of a stable “family homestead” where everyone’s mail went when they traveled around the globe has ended, as many older people are shifting to smaller homes and living in smaller, less expensive and more arid regions,” Parson explains. “Now people who have left earlier to explore the world aren’t only leaving home to join an extended family following marriage, but to remain in one place for a long length of time.”

It’s not too bad, and it’s not so

Scottsdale, Durham, and Sarasota are great places for sun-lovers. With average temperatures that range from 66 to 101°F in Scottsdale It’s a great location for those looking to end the cold winters behind them. It’s not surprising that Scottsdale is a top tourist destination for golfers.

The desire to live in a warmer environment is also evident in the study’s findings that more Americans relocated into Florida over any other place in the past year.

Parson is a part of the reason for the popularity of these states due to the desire of many people to follow in the footsteps of their “snowbird” grandparents who moved to these states upon retirement.

“People are getting older, and their energy and independence are only beginning when they reach the age of retirement,” Parson says. “Coupled with the burden of their parents who drive around and playing tennis until they reach their 70s, it’s logical to live close to them in a more pleasant and more affordable location that where they can enjoy themselves and reach them in the event of a need.”

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