Why You Shouldn’t Skip A Home Inspection

When your offer to purchase the home is signed and the seemingly endless process of check writing starts. There are a lot of costs to consider including attorney and realtor costs, and the sum of these costs can leave you searching for ways to cut costs elsewhere. It is tempting to ignore the home inspection, and its $2,000 to $500 bill however, there are 10 reasons you should have one.

1. It gives you an “Out”

A professional home inspection could provide crucial information regarding the condition of a house and its equipment. The buyer is informed of the expenses for repairs, maintenance and repairs the house may require right away or in the future. If a buyer doesn’t feel comfortable with the results of the inspection, it’s usually an opportunity to withdraw the deal to purchase.

2. Safety

Barrie home inspections are a way to identify dangers like carbon monoxide, radon as well as mold that every home need to be inspected for. Check that your home purchase contract provides that should any of these problems be found you can choose to withdraw your offer to purchase.

3. Uncover Illegal Installations or Additions

A home inspection could find out if rooms, altered basements or garages were built without a valid permit or did not comply with guidelines, according to Chantay Bridges from Clear Choice Realty & Associates. “If the house is occupied by illegal room extensions that are not permitted and affects tax, insurance and usability, but most importantly, the value. It is basically that the purchaser is buying something that legally isn’t there,” she explains. Even homes that are brand new and have systems that weren’t installed in accordance with code will be the homeowners with a finance “problem” to solve (and financing).

4. Protection

Inspections for homes are especially important if you’re buying an “as-is” foreclosure or a short sale. Homes that have been boarded can develop dangerous mold issues, which can be expensive to address and create health risks. Greg Haskett, VP of shared services at HomeTeam Inspection Service says it’s normal that home inspections observe copper plumbing lines as well as outdoor compressors have been taken from foreclosure homes by those looking to offer copper recyclers in exchange for cash.

5. Negotiating Tool

The Realtor Jennifer De Vivo of Orlando-based De Vivo Realty says the home inspection report is the opportunity to make repairs or request a price reduction or a credit to the vendor. Talk to your agent to determine what demands can be made in order in order to negotiate a better bargain.

6. Future Cost Forecasting

A home inspector is able to estimate the age of installation for important systems within the home such as heating, plumbing and cooling, as well as vital appliances like water heaters. They can assess the present condition of the building itself and also tell you the length of time that finishes have been within the house. Every component in your home are subject to the “shelf-life.” Knowing when they need to be replaced will help you make crucial financial decisions. It also will determine the type of insurance coverage for your home or warranties you need to consider.

7. Decide “Deal-Breakers”

De Vivo suggests that home inspections can assist buyers in determining the amount of additional amount or time they’re willing to invest to bring the house to a level that they are comfortable with. If you’re not willing to fix issues such as faulty gutters, cracked walls or ceilings, then perhaps you’re not ready to close your search for a home.

8. Make sure to protect your investment

The home inspector can be an invaluable source of information. They can provide specific suggestions regarding how to care for your homeand will save you thousands over the long run According De Vivo. De Vivo.

9. Detach the Big Picture

Haskett recommends people conduct a an inspection of their home to learn the details of what could be the most expensive purchase they’ll make. “People get enticed by the property due to the colour of walls area of the house, or some other factor; they do not realize the factors that can turn your dream home an absolute nightmare,” He says.

10. Insurance

Certain insurance companies won’t offer insurance to a property in the event of certain conditions or if there is no evidence of valid certifications such as Wind Mitigation and Four-Point Inspections, in the words of Haskett. “Qualified home inspectors can perform these tasks at the same alongside their other offerings and help the buyer save time and cash in the end.”

The Bottom Line

It is your duty to be aware of as many facts that you can regarding the house you’ll soon be able to call home. Inspections of the home reveal the inside functioning of the home which allows you to stay aware of all the advantages and disadvantages the property offers.

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