What Type of Shed is Right for Me?

Selecting the ideal shed could be a tough choice to make, especially when you’re not certain which kind you’re looking to purchase and what features will best fit to your requirements. From keeping your gardening tools secure to creating an impressive feature the garden shed can change the look of the outdoor area. With our buying guide for garden sheds we’ll walk you through the various types that are on the market and how to pick the right one for your needs.

What to Look For When Buying an Shed

How big do you require?

It all depends on your available space. There are a variety of sizes and shapes to fit any space – just make sure you measure before purchasing!

Does it have weatherproofing?

Different materials work well in various conditions. If your yard is humid or does not have the most efficient drainage, you might want to steer clear of a natural product such as wood and choose metal or plastic sheds instead.

Installation is simple

Some garden sheds Atherton require self-assembly however, metal sheds are the most difficult to construct due to the various components and fittings required. We do however have sheds with installation included at a cost within your wood range.

Do you think it will require an electrical supply?

If you plan to make your shed an office, gym or workshop, you’ll need to connect to the mains. This should be done by an experienced electrician.

Do you need windows?

If you’re looking to store items of value such as bicycles or garden equipment, and you want to ensure safety and security, you might not need your shed to be equipped with windows. You can opt instead for an unassuming security shed that has thin windows. But, if you’re utilising your outdoor shed to plant or other gardening chores windows will let your plants to receive the sun they require.

Does it have an underlying base?

A base is distinct from floors in sheds. it is positioned between the floor and the ground in order to provide an level surface. In general, metal sheds don’t include a floor, however there are a few options that have floors, however, the majority of Wooden as well as Plastic sheds come with floors.

Are they lockable?

If the goal for your shed in the garden is to safeguard your valuables, be sure that there is a lock-attachment and you buy locks to be certain that your belongings are secured.

Wooden Garden Sheds

Wooden sheds are a great option for those who want an old-fashioned and rustic appearance. It is easy to customize them, they provide an array of design options and are able to be painted easily.

Wood is also an excellent insulation when compared to plastic which is why if you’re going to spend much time in your garden, wood is the ideal choice.

But, the installation process is a bit more difficult than plastic sheds. If your yard does not have the most efficient drainage or is especially damp, we would suggest going for a steel or plastic shed instead.

Metal Garden Sheds

Metal is sturdy and reliable. garden sheds are great for ensuring unrivaled security and keeping your valuables safe.

Metal sheds need to be maintained and treated to avoid corrosion. But unlike wooden sheds that require annual maintenance the treatment is only needed every few years if own a metal shed. They may be susceptible to damage however this is usually limited to very thin metal. Metal sheds can be painted and, with a wide range of colors and finishes that are available, you’ll be able to locate one that is suitable for any outdoor setting.

Plastic Garden Sheds

Plastic sheds are very simple to put up and the top models provide high endurance. They require a minimum of equipment to put together, which is why they can be a great option for people who are limited on space.

In contrast to metal or wood sheds made of plastic, they do not rust or stain. Because of this, they need little or no maintenance. Just make use of a garden hose to give your shed a regular cleaning. Certain of the best collections from Keter can also be painted in case you wish to personalize the look! Plastic sheds are non-fading and weatherproof.

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