Why Have A Live Edge Dining Table?

Certain trends in interior design are more temporary than others. There are some that come and go while others don’t even stay for long enough to capture one. Certain styles, like architectural and colonial furnishings, are timeless at this moment. Other designs are emblematic of a period that’s gone yet remain popular and recognizable regardless of their names, which have been twisted to make them seem funny.

One of the most well-known designs that is increasing in popularity is the trend to produce live edge furniture, including tables with live edges, such as the live-edge dining table. Although it’s too early to know what the final outcome of the live-edge design trend will be, we are able to enjoy the wave for as long as it lasts.

However, for those who read this and aren’t aware of the latest trend, here’s short introduction to the trend before we dive into the debate for live edge table to your dining room.

What Is Live Edge?

If you are still unsure of the concept of live edge furniture an image could very likely speak for itself in more than a thousand words. Have you ever observed a table that appears somewhat like the tree that it is made?

Do you know the tables with noticeable flaws, lines that are uneven and uneven and appear as if they’ve got bark on their edges? A few of them might have bark on the edges on the outside, but generally it’s just the uneven lines and the appearance of the cross-section of the tree.

They are used to create furniture that is referred to in the industry as living edge furniture. Typically, wood is cut into posts, boards panels, slats and other distinctive geometric pieces which are later made into furniture. These forms, evidently, aren’t natural to the trees, but are created.

Live Edge takes advantage of the stunning natural life in the trees. A cross-sectional milling is made out of a tree and keeps the imperfections, marks, scars and the natural lines that the tree has. If not, these marks are removed during the milling process, however when furniture is live-edge they are preserved for a portion of time.

If you’ve got an idea of what furniture with live edges is (though you might have identified it through images even if you didn’t know the name) Here are some arguments of the style. These are the most compelling reasons to incorporate an edge-to-edge dining table to your home!

There are no two live edge tables that are exactly the same, and every single one is completely unique.

What you’ll see immediately when you look at living edge tables is the fact that they aren’t all are identical. It’s the way it is. Live edge tables keep certain lines and natural markings from the live tree every one of them is like fingerprints. It’s exclusive to the tree that made it.

This could be debated on any piece of timber since every natural slab has the mark of its marker. But, it’s much more tangible when you have live edged wood than with milled planks. If you’re looking for a an element of furniture to your dining area that is a piece of furniture with unmistakable charm A live edge table is sure to impress.

The live edge table should be constructed from solid wood slabs

We put a huge focus on the high-end of furniture we make and also on the authenticity and quality that we get from the timbers we choose to use. We are proud that we employ the most reliable construction methods that make our own wood and don’t waste any scraps.

It’s essential to keep in mind that regardless of whether we’ve created this live edge table or any other manufacturer has, it must be built using one block of hardwood. If it’s authentic or at the very least, it is.

Although some furniture might be constructed from substandard materials such as laminated or particleboard wood A live edge table that is a genuine one in any case – is made out of one solid, cut piece of wood. There’s nothing stronger or more stunning and, when correctly kiln-dried an edge table is unique.

This resurgence in popularity implies that they’re compatible with a variety of design schools

In addition, due to reasons of some sort the live edge table has risen in popularity in recent times. It’s not really an original style, but it has gained an appeal that is contemporary. Whatever the reason, the live edge style has seen a rise in popularity in recent years.

When a design style gets ever more popular due to its prevalence you’ll notice that it’s a lot of more diverse styles of design. This is what happens here. It’s easier to integrate an edge table into the interior of your home than you’d think.

They are the focal point of the decor and also make an aesthetic statement

There’s something about live edge tables that catches the attention of everyone who comes to a space. Live edge furniture is a natural design and distinctive design is a challenge to incorporate into a space without creating the centerpiece.

It’s feasible to achieve this with the use of a small, minimalist end table but not with the dining table. If you put it in a place it will surely serve as the centerpiece!

They’re the perfect blend of traditional styles and modern

It may appear as though the live edge table is sporting the traditional look. It’s easy to see how it could be argued in the opposite direction. Because of their unsymmetrical line as well as natural imperfections, they’re apparent to be contemporary.

The word that is most important here is natural. This is where they keep a hint of the old-fashioned. Live edge tables are an attempt to re-create designs that look so rustic they would be appropriate in the woods or in a camp. But that they’re also extremely refined and elegantly constructed.

A few other pieces, or kinds of furniture, can blend the classic and contemporary seamlessly.

They are well-aged

Another advantage of table tops with live edges is the fact that they possess an extremely high chance to develop beautifully over time.

If taken care of properly If it is properly maintained, a live edge table will age gracefully , and it might even begin to darken as time passes, giving the table a look of class and elegance.

Pairing Live Edge Furniture

It’s a good thing you’re drawn to the irresistibly attractive look of furniture with live edges. It’s a wonderful match for many different designs. If you’re thinking of installing one in your home Here are some suggestions for how you can incorporate it into the decor and what you can pair it with it.

Live edge is a great match for other live edge wood designs and natural wood designs.

Since live edge furniture retains certain aspects of wood that is not finished, and the overall tree, it blends very nicely with other furniture with rustic designs which includes living edge furniture. If you’re a fan rustic and country or camp designs Live edge tables will blend in with these designs beautifully.

The pairings don’t require live edge. They could be weathered wood, or the designs with bark on of furniture for camp or cabins.

Try something a bit more traditional

Another intriguing option to pair the live edge dining table is to pair it with other traditional, however sophisticated styles. Live edge tables even though they are characterized by “rustication,” possess any appearance of sophistication and can be paired with classic, timeless designs rather than using rustic furniture.

Consider putting together a set with furniture from the colonial period or similar design and observe how it looks with your live edge design. The best thing is that it will look stunning.

Introduce a contemporary style onto the scene

You can also combine live edge tables with contemporary pieces of furniture for a variety of effects. There’s something unique about designs with live edges that you don’t imagine to be able to pair with these tables, but it happens anyway.

As an example, you can combine minimalist or even industrial furniture with tables with live edges and the enjoyable jarring feeling of the juxtaposition is more palatable than you imagine. Do it yourself, or look at some pictures online to see what we’re talking about.

At a loss? Have you considered a mid-century modern look?

If you’ve not been influenced by rustic design and traditional styles or even minimalist style Give the mid-century modern look. Its strangely iconoclastic melding various geometric patterns and odd elements combine to create a harmonious balance that’s and isn’t at all. There is also the possibility that mid-century modern furniture available for sale provides designs that make the ideal combination and live edge furnishings.

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